Step 1: Create a Campaign name

Step 2: Add Hashtags and mentioned Accounts

Do not key in Influencer Twitter usernames in the Accounts field. This field is only for your brand accounts.

In order for Popular Chips to be able to aggregate your campaign posts, you need to specify which brand's hashtags and tags the Influencers are required to use in their posts.

Use the Hashtag field to specify a list of hashtags separated by comma.
For example: #BrandGlobalHashtag, BrandLocalHashtag.
If even just one of the hashtags is matched in the caption, it will be gathered.

Use the Accounts field to specify your brand's accounts. If you have more than one, please separate them by comma.
For example: @YourBrandGlobalAccount,  @YourBrandLocalAccount.
If even just one of the accounts is matched in the caption, it will be gathered.

Step 3: Choose Campaign period

Use the calendar to set the campaign period. You can choose dates in the past and in the future.

IMPORTANT!! If you need to change the campaign period after you create a campaign, please get in touch with us.

Step 4a: Add Influencers - Uploading a file

Scroll down to TWITTER INFLUENCERS. Specify all the Influencers you involved in the campaign.

If you have several Influencers to add:

  • Select the Upload tab.
  • Download the template
  • Copy and paste in the 'Influencer' column, the Twitter username of your Influencers
  • Save in .csv

NOTE: In the template, if you see columns by text all mashed up together, as seen in screenshot, use the function Text to Column to convert the text into column. For more help, follow this simple and fast guide:

Step 4b:
Add Influencers - Manually

If there are only few Influencers, you can manually copy and paste their usernames from FB . You can also add details such as the cost of the collaboration, or the gift so that you can start building your internal benchmarks.

Remember to click CONFIRM beside each line to confirm the Influencer.
Popular Chips will visualise the Influencer's profile picture on the right side so you can double-check you have the right account.
Sometimes Influencers change their username and you might end up adding the wrong account.

You're done!

That's it! Just confirm your campaign with the SUBMIT button and Popular Chips will start aggregating your posts.

How long does it take?

It usually takes less than 2 hours to collect the data for a Campaign report. However, if you specified a very high number of Influencers, it might take a little longer as we need to collect all the relevant posts, check their past captions etc.

If your report takes longer than 2 hours, just open the chat and ask one of our operators to check that everything is proceeding correctly, we'll be glad to check it for you!

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