When creating a report, you will notice the option 'Filter IG stories' below the Campaign Hashtags/Accounts fields.

By default this filter is activated (checked) and the report will only aggregate the IG stories that contain one of the hashtags or accounts you have specified. With this filter activated, you can be assured that only relevant IG stories will be gathered.

If you deactivate the filter (unchecking the checkbox), ALL IG stories from all your Influencers, would be aggregated in the report, even if they don't have any hashtag or tag. This practice is NOT ADVISABLE due to privacy concerns and you would have thousands of irrelevant IG stories in your campaign report.

The only valid business use case for deactivating the IG stories filter is if you are tracking a short event (2-3 days max) and you want to make sure to capture all the coverage of the event.

During your campaign, if you wish to track un-tagged IG stories for a specific 2-3 days period, Popular Chips team can deactivate and activate the filter for the specified time period, for you.

Get in touch with our support team and specify the dates and time.

Important!! You can only unfilter a Report for a maximum of 3 days to guarantee the privacy of the Influencers.

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