Adding or Removing Keywords and Brands doesn’t immediately impact a report. Manual interaction from the Popular Chips team is required to update your SOV reports. 

Once you have completed all the edits to your SOV reports, please inform us either via the Chat function or by writing to

Any changes made will take 2-3 weeks to aggregate and reflect the new data.

If you do not see this feature, contact us.

Add/Delete Keyword

Login to your account and select the SOV report you wish to edit. At the SOV report’s main page, click on BRANDS.

A pop up list of all the brands will show. Click on SUGGEST NEW KEYWORDS.

When you click it, pencil icons will appear beside each brand. Click on the edit button for the brand you wish to add/delete keywords.

It will then bring you to a new page when you can edit the keywords. 

To add a new keyword, click on NEW KEYWORD and an empty field will appear. Each time you need to add a new keyword, click on NEW KEYWORD. Once you are done, remember to click SAVE.

To delete an existing keyword, simply click on the BIN icon. Remember to click SAVE when you are done.

When you are done editing a brand and wish to continue to edit other brands, you can do so by clicking on EDIT OTHER BRANDS. The list of brands will pop up. Simply click on the pencil icon of the brand you wish to edit.

Add a new brand

There are 2 ways you can add a new brand. 

  1. When you click on BRANDS in the SOV report’s main page, the list of brands will pop up. Click on SUGGEST NEW BRAND

It brings you to a new page. Fill up the fields accordingly. To add more keywords for the brand, click on KEYWORD. When done, click on ADD. 

2. When you are editing keywords for a brand, you can also add a new brand from there. Click on NEW BRAND. You will see a pop up, fill in all the fields.

Delete an existing brand

To delete an existing brand, click on BRANDS then SUGGEST NEW KEYWORD. Click on any brand (NOT the brand you wish to delete). Then click on EDIT OTHER BRANDS. Beside the pencil icons, you will see the BIN icons. Click on the BIN icon of the brand you wish to delete.

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