LISTEN is the dedicated Interest search engine on Popular Chips. Here, you can find Influencers based on content.

STEP 1: Create a report

Access the LISTEN creation form, under LISTEN and then click on CREATE button at the top of the page.

STEP 2: Name your report

Give your report a  suggestive name for organisational purposes 

Eg. "Interest - Matte Lipstick"

Or if it is a type of Influencers you are looking for, input that as your report name 

Eg. "Influencers - Mummy Bloggers"

STEP 3: Hashtags

Never use generic interest/topic hashtags like #MAKEUP, #LIPSTICK etc. This will generate thousands posts that are either spam or noise, not related to your search. Specify a "niche" hashtag or a very specific product name.


Same thing goes for a type of Influencer as well. Do not use generic hashtags like #BLOGGER. Specify the type of blogger eg. #MUMMYBLOGGER

STEP 4: Local Influencers

If you are looking Influencers from your country, it is advisable to use local hashtags. Local hashtags may include hashtags in your local language.

If there are no local hashtags, you can activate the country filter.

If you do not see this filter and will like to activate this function, get in touch with us

STEP 5: Generate your report

Double-check everything is set up correctly (comma between multiple hashtags, hashtags spelled correctly eg.) as Listen reports cannot be edited once created.

Then click CREATE to generate the report.

It might take up to 2 hours, depending on the number of hashtags and how big they are, for the report to be ready. Once created, this report will continue to update with new posts daily.


Intended use for Listen is to focus on local/niche hashtags.
If you use global hashtags with hundreds of thousands of posts or millions, you will be limited in terms of number of posts retrieved and update frequency.

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