STEP 1: 

Pre-requisite - Add Influencers

Before creating a campaign, you MUST add all the influencers involved and specify their email addresses. Click on NEW INFLUENCER. 

Input the Influencer's username (the Instagram handle) and email address.
Remember to click on the GREEN + button.

If you wish to add more than one email address for the Influencer, remember to select the email type (MAIN or OTHERS). The main email address should be labelled as MAIN for the system to recognise and send the brief to.

Scroll down and click on SUBMIT.

STEP 2: 

Create a Campaign Brief

Select CAMPAIGNS and click on ADD NEW.  You must fill all the following fields for your Campaign Brief to be ready and correctly delivered to the Influencers:

  1. Input the campaign name
  2. Running date: Campaign period
  3. Agreement deadline: The latest date the brief needs to be signed by Influencers
  4. Submission deadline: The latest date the Influencers needs to send their content for approval before posting
  5. Hashtags/Mentions/Keywords: Input what you will like the Influencers to use when they post. You can also select which is mandatory or optional.

STEP 3: 

Description of brief and upload images of mood board

Fill in the description of the campaign and any information you want the Influencers to have. You can also upload images (JPEG, maximum 4) to provide clarity and increase the appeal of your brief presentation.

STEP 4a: 

Fill in the Influencers for the campaign

If you have a few Influencers, you can manually input each Influencer.

Fill in the Influencers' IG handles (not their names) and indicate the type and quantity of content they will need to produce during the campaign. Then input the cost and remember to CONFIRM.

Once ready, click SUBMIT.

STEP 4b: 

Upload the Influencers for the campaign

If you have multiple influencers, you can upload a list of Influencers.
Simply download the template, fill it up and upload the file.

Once ready, click SUBMIT.

STEP 5: 

Preview of campaign brief

Once you submit all the information, you will be shown a preview of your brief. Once you confirm that the information is correct, an email will be sent to all the Influencers in your list, inviting them to accept your brief.

If you forgot to add an email address for an Influencer, you can add it later and the email will be sent after.

If you will like to learn more on how to create a Live Campaign, you may read this here:

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