Step 1: Check your campaign period

It is advisable to set your campaign start date 1 week before the actual start date and 1 week after the end of the campaign. Sometimes, Influencers do not adhere to the campaign period and may post early/late.

If you need to change your campaign period after the report has been created, please get in touch with us via the chat available on the platform or email

Step 2: Check your accounts and hashtags

All accounts and hashtags MUST be separated by a comma.

Step 3: Check your Influencers

Click on "Added Influencers" to view the list of your Influencers. You can now view each Influencer with the number of followers. This gives you a quick overview if the Influencer added to your campaign is correct.

ALERT: Private Influencer accounts or Influencer accounts with suspiciously small following 

If there are Private Influencer accounts added to your campaign, check on Instagram if the account is still private. If the account is private, you may wish to contact the Influencer or remove the account from your report. 

Simply click on the 'BIN' icon to delete.

If there are Influencers accounts with a small number of followers, it could be the following reasons:

  1. Incorrect Influencer handle (typo)
  2. Influencer changed username

To correct this, simply click on the 'BIN' icon to delete then click on the green 'ADD MORE INFLUENCERS" button.

To add more Influencers to your Live Campaign, you may follow this:
Live/Campaign: How to Add more Influencers to an Existing Report

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