With the introduction of SSO, account Administrators are now able to invite additional users to their Popular Chips account.

Pre-requisite : Log In via SSO

You must be logged in via SSO in order to invite other users. If you are not logged in via SSO, please click here to logout, then log in again by clicking on "Sign in with Microsoft" as shown below

Step 1: Access the SSO management

To access the SSO management, click on your username on the top bar, then the SSO tab, as shown below

Step 2: Invite new Users

Click on the green "Add New Users" to start inviting new colleagues for the Brand.

In the next window make sure to select "Administrator" only for users who can invite other users. While select "Users" for all your other colleagues.

If you're creating a new login for one of your sub-accounts (brands in your country or division), be sure to select the correct Account from the last dropdown menu, as shown below.

Once you're done, click "Confirm" and then "Submit" to add the new users.

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