Depending on your Excel version and your language settings, the content in your excel file might appear like this:

You may want to separate the text into separate columns so that you can read the data properly.
To do that, you can use the Text-to-Columns function of Excel offered by Windows and Mac alike.

Step 1

On Excel, select the first column entirely by clicking on the cell A.
Then, go to the Data tab and click the Text to Columns function as highlighted below:

Step 2

As in the screenshot, in the dialog box select Delimited and click Next.

Step 3

Depending on what type of delimiter separates your data, comma or semicolon, select the relevant delimiter. If you don't remember, just check which one it is from the Excel table.
A preview on how the data will be separated will be shown inside the dialog box.
If you are happy with the preview, click on Finish to see your data separated in columns.

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