If your Influencer's YouTube video was not captured in the Live campaign report, you can add the YouTube video manually or via upload. 

Follow the steps below to learn how:

Step 1

Open up the campaign report you wish to add new YouTube videos.

Step 2

Click on ADD MORE POSTS, as seen here:

*If you have multiple YouTube videos to add into the Campaign, you may wish to skip to step 6*

Step 3

A pop-up window will appear.
Insert the URL of the YouTube video you wish to add on the URL section.
You can specify how much you paid for each YouTube video.
IMPORTANT: Click on 'CONFIRM' after each addition or the system will not be able to register and aggregate the video.

Step 4

 After you are done adding all the videos, Click on ADD NEW POSTS,  as shown in the picture below.

*Note that it might take up to 2 hours before the newly added YouTube videos are aggregated into the campaign.

Step 5

Once the YouTube video are aggregated, the YouTube Tab will appear next to the Instagram tab.
Click on the YouTube tab to see the YouTube videos and their performance stats.

Step 6

If you are adding several YouTube videos to a campaign, and you'd like to speed up the process, on the pop-up screen, click on the UPLOAD tab.

Step 7

Click on DOWNLOAD POST TEMPLATE to download the system's CSV model.
Open the file with either Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or Google Docs.

Step 8

Depending on the Excel version and your language setting, the excel file might appear like this:

If this happens, select the whole column and use the Text-To-Columns function of Excel which you find under 'Data', Using the Semicolon ';' as separator

For the step-by-step guide, please refer to:  How To Convert Text to Columns in Excel

Step 9

Add the URL of the YouTube videos as shown in the example.
*Note that if the cost is 0, you can leave it blank.
*Note that you can add YouTube videos with different currencies. However, they will be automatically converted to the currency set on your profile when viewed from inside the platform. 

Step 10

Once you are done, save the Template file without changing the file extension (.csv).
Upload the the Template file and, then, click on ADD NEW POSTS.

*Note that it might take up to 2 hours before the newly added YouTube videos are aggregated into the campaign.

Step 11

After the YouTube video has been aggregated, your Live Campaign Report will visualize a new tab, as shown in the picture: 

Click on YouTube to see the YouTube videos and their performances.

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