MY INFLUENCERS is the section of Popular Chips where to go to:

  • Understand if an influencer has fake audience and fake likes;
  • Do content optimisation and increase KPIs: best time to post, post style that resonates the most with the influencer's audience, etc... ;
  • See the Top Followers of the influencers and understand whether the influencers is mostly followed by high spenders, influencers or consumers;
  • Get the most in-depth information to advance your campaign performances and run your collaboration seamlessly.

In order to add a new influencer to the MY INFLUENCERS section or your custom folders, access the SEARCH or LISTEN sections and then add them by clicking the ADD green button next to the influencer's profile picture, as shown here:

Search by Username

If you already know the influencer you'd like to include, access the SEARCH section, then click the SEARCH button in the black bar and then switch to the USERNAME tab, as shown here:

To avoid any typos, copy and past the influencer's handle ( username) in the field, and then click the SEARCH button.

Your influencer's profile will appear under the black bar.
Click the ADD button next to the influencer's profile image. A Pop-up window will open. Switch to the tab of MY INFLUENCERS, and click on the ADD button, as shown here:

It will take up to 2 hours for the system to conclude the analysis. 

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