Follow/Unfollow is popular method used by influencers to gain followers inorganically. 

An influencer uses bots or external services to follow thousands of accounts a day, hoping to gain these individuals’ attentions and to be followed back. 

The next day, the influencer unfollows all of the accounts they had followed the previous day.

Why is this Bad

The followers obtained with the follow/unfollow method can not be considered organic. The main reason why they start following the influencer is because they received a notification from Instagram that they had been followed.

How to read the data

You can find "Follow/Unfollow" under the "My Influencers" section. The metric only has two statuses

  • Green (All Good) : The influencer is not using Follow/Unfollow
  • Red (Suspicious): The influencer is massively using Follow/Unfollow

In case you see N/A, it means that we have not yet enough historical data for this particular influencer to draw a definitive conclusion.

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