When moving for the first time to Popular Chips, you might want to bulk-migrate all your existing influencers into our platform to monitor their performances and get in-depth details.

Uploading a database of Influencers in Popular Chips is extremely easy:

Use the Top Menu to navigate to Search => Upload, as shown below

Step 2: Download & Open the Influencer Template

Simply click on the "Download Influencer Template" green button to download our CSV structure.

Open the file with your Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or Google Docs

[Optional] Step 3: Text in Columns

Depending on your Excel version and your language settings, the excel file might appear like this.

If this happens, select the whole column and use the Text-to-Columns function of Excel that you find under "Data", using the semicolon ";" as separator. For more information about the Text-to-Columns function, please refer to the official Microsoft Excel documentation.

Step 4: Fill in your data

Add your influencers' usernames, one after the other. If they are Instagram username, keep "IG" in the second column. If they are YouTube usernames, write "YT" in the second column. Please see a full example below.

Step 5: Upload your file

Once everything is in order in the file, upload it using the "UPLOAD THE COMPLETED INFLUENCER TEMPLATE" button that you find right after the Template file and finally click "Upload".

Step 6: Add your Influencers to Compare or My Influencers

After you upload your file, you will see the list of influencers you input and an "Add All" button at the top of the page, like shown below.

Use the "Add All" button to either move the influencers to a Comparison Group or to the My Influencers section

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