With Popular Chips, it's easy to identify organic influencers who are already fans of your brand and whom you might engage for your next campaign.
Below is a short video to guide you through the main steps of creating a LISTEN report. 

Don't like videos? Check out the instructions below!

Step 1

Access the LISTEN creation form, under LISTEN and then click on CREATE button at the top of the page.

Step 2 - Report Name

Give your report a  suggestive name, for example "My Organic Influencers".

Step 3 - Hashtags

Add your brand's hashtags and the ones that users may use to talk about your brand. You can also include hashtags used for paid campaigns. You will then be able to filter out the not-organic influencers, the ones who have participated in your paid campaign.

Make sure that each hashtag is separated by a comma, as seen in the screenshot below, otherwise the system will not be able to gather the posts correctly. 

Step 4 - Your Account mentions

Influencers don't solely use hashtags to share about your brand; they might tag you in pictures or mention you in captions. Therefore, include your brand's IG handle in the ACCOUNTS field and be sure to tick MENTIONS box in order to aggregate people tagging your brand.

If you have multiple accounts (e.g. local and global) be sure to specify both separated by comma.

Step 5 - Exclude Paid collaborations

If you proceed to save the report at this point, the system will aggregate everyone, including the influencers that have participated in sponsored collaborations.
If you don't wish to include them, let's exclude paid collaborations by using the EXCLUDE HASHTAGS filter.

Use the following list to exclude the most common types of hashtags for paid collaborations, as shown in the screenshot, or the ad hoc ones created for your brand such as: yourbrandsname_ambassador.


Separate the hashtags by comma. Once done, your field should look like this:

Step 6 - Exclude your brand's posts from the results

Besides influencers, you also use your hashtags for sharing branded content. In order to leave your posts out from the report, exclude your brand's account by using the EXCLUDE ACCOUNTS field.

Your report should now look similar to this screenshot:

Click on CREATE to generate the report.
It might take up to 24 hours, depending on the number of hashtags and how big they are, for the report to be ready. 


Intended use for Listen is to focus on local/niche hashtags.
If you use global hashtags with hundreds of thousands of posts or millions, you will be limited in terms of number of posts retrieved and update frequency.

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