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If you have doubts, while setting up or editing a campaign, please always feel free to get in touch via our Support Channels.

Step 1: Provide a Campaign Name

Step 2: Add Hashtags and mentioned Accounts

In order for Popular Chips to be able to aggregate your campaign posts, you need to specify which brand's hashtags and tags the influencers are required to use in their posts and stories.

Use the Hashtag field to specify a list of hashtags separated by comma.
For example: #BrandGlobalHashtag, #BrandLocalHashtag, #CampaignName.
If even just one of the hashtags is matched in the caption of a post or story, it will be gathered (it's a logical OR condition).

Use the Accounts field to specify your brand's accounts. If you have more than one, please separate them by comma.
For example: @YourBrandGlobalAccount,  @YourBrandLocalAccount.
If even just one of the accounts is matched in the caption, inside the image or in the stories, it will be gathered (it's a logical OR condition). 

IMPORTANT!! Do not key in Influencer handles in this field. This field is only for your brand accounts.

Step 3: Choose a campaign period

Use the calendar to set the campaign period. You can choose dates in the past and in the future.

If you choose dates in the past, only feed posts will be gathered and not IG stories as they expire after 24 hours. 

If you choose dates in the future, Popular Chips will aggregate new feed posts and IG Stories as they become available.

IMPORTANT!! If you need to change the campaign period after you create a campaign, please get in touch with us.

(Optional) Step 4: IG Stories filter

By default, IG Stories containing at least one of the hashtags or one of the accounts you have specified will be gathered. 

Since few influencers might not use your hashtags/tags in all their Stories, you might have the necessity to aggregate all the Stories from your influencers, even if they don't tag you. If this is the case, just untick the box FILTER IG STORIES. 

IMPORTANT!! It's only possible to remove the filter for very short periods (e.g. a 2-day event). Get in touch with us for additional information

Step 5: Specify the influencers who participate to your campaign

Depending on how many influencers you are working with you can choose to:

  • Add the influencers one-by-one
  • Upload a file containing all the influencers
  • Import a pre-existing folder from My Influencers or Compare

STEP 5a: List your influencers by uploading a file

  1. select the Upload tab as shown below

2. Download the template clicking on the green button
3. Copy and paste the Instagram handles of your influencers in the Influencer column (the first one).
4. (Optional) Add the cost for each influencer in the 2nd column and the currency in the 3rd column
5. Save in .csv IMPORTANT!! Don't save in Excel (.xls or .xslx) as the file won't be usable

Pro Tip:
When opening the Template File, if you don't see columns, but instead the text all mashed up together as seen in screenshot below, use the Excel function "Text to Column" to convert the text into column. For more help, follow
this simple and fast guide.

STEP 5b: List your influencers manually

If they are only few influencers, you can manually copy and paste their handles from IG . You can add also more details such as the cost of the collaboration, or the gift so that you can start building your internal benchmarks. 

Remember to click CONFIRM beside each line to confirm the influencer.

Pro Tip:
Popular Chips will visualise the influencer's profile picture on the right side so you can double-check you have the right account.
Sometimes influencers change their username and you might end up adding the wrong account.

STEP 5c: Import your influencers from an existing folder

If you have created a group of influencers in a folder under Compare or My Influencers, you may upload the folder directly. 


That's it! Just confirm your campaign with the Submit button and Popular Chips will start aggregating your posts.

What's Next: FAQs

How long does it take to generate the report?

It usually takes less than 2 hours to collect the data for a Campaign report. However, if you specified a very high number of influencers, it might take a little longer as we need to collect all the relevant posts, check their past captions etc.

If your report takes longer than 2 hours, just open the chat and ask one of our operators to check that everything is proceeding correctly, we'll be glad to check it for you!

What if I need to edit my campaign?

You can:

The only edits you can not perform from your side are:

  • Edit the Campaign Period
  • Edit the IG Story filter

For both these actions we can perform them on your behalf. Please always feel free to get in touch via our Support Channels.

I've received an email from your support about my campaign, what should I do?

We often check reports to spot errors: wrong influencers, wrong campaign period, wrong hashtags etc. If someone from our team gets in touch with you, it means they identified a probable issue that might affect your tracking.

Either reply to their email ( making sure is in CC ) or get in touch via chat if need more info.

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