% Inactive contains two type of followers:

  • Real Followers, who are inactive
  • Fake Followers and Bots

Definition of Inactive Followers

Inactive followers are real Instagram accounts who started following an Influencer and then stopped using the Instagram app. 

For Popular Chips, a follower is considered inactive if in the past 3 months they have not liked, commented or posted anything on their account. 

Even if you think of very passive accounts, who just follow celebrities without acting on the content, it is very unlikely that in 3 months they have not even liked 1 post.

Definition of Fake Followers (Bots)

Fake Followers (or bots) are non-real users, created with the sole purpose to inflate the number of followers of influencers.

Popular Chips developed an algorithm based on Machine Learning and Behavioral Analysis which is able to discern between real users and fake followers.

Why are these 2 metrics presented in a single percentage

For the brands, those two types of audience represent the same thing: a % of followers who will never interact with your sponsored posts or be of any value to your brand.

Where to find the % Inactive

  • My Influencers
  • Compare

What is a good % Inactive

The % of Inactive followers changes by country and you should refer to our worldwide benchmarks to understand what is good or bad in your country.

In general, we color-code the % Inactive with a square beside the % to make it easy for you to read the data

  • Green : very good influencer, few inactive followers
  • Yellow: average influencer, most of the influencers are in this category
  • Red: below-the-average influencer, a lot of inactive of fake followers

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