1. Definition

How strong an Influencer´s influence is and, therefore, how active the Influencer's audience is

Engagement Rate is independent from the number of followers.

2. How Engagement Rate is Calculated

% ENGAGEMENT= Engagement (likes + comments) / Number of Followers

3. How to Evaluate Influencer By Country and Tier ( Audience Size)

Engagement Rate varies by country
Some countries have higher Engagement Rate than the other.
Please refer to our worldwide Benchmark Document to understand what the average Engagement Rate is in your target Country and the corresponding Tier.

4. Why It's Important

Engagement Rate is globally recognized as one of the best metrics to judge the quality of an Influencer's account. The higher the Engagement Rate, the better the relationship with their followers is and hence, the success of each post will be.

5. How It Changes

On average, micro-influencers have higher Engagement Rate than celebrities. Original content creators and YouTubers also have, on average, higher Engagement Rate.

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